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Brooklyn, NY 11238

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What is it?

Welcome to the party ! You’ll have access to select new releases from our favorite producers and some of our allocated selections. These wines are special, made in small quantities, and hi light the craft of the the winemakers we admire. Every month you’ll get to experience a diverse selection of magical wines and get acquainted with the growers who make them.

Party People – $75/month

You get 3 RAD bottles that showcase 3 winemakers, a flyer that gives you the scoop on the producers, and a bespoke playlist.

House Party – $145/month

Clearly you’re gonna need more than 3 bottles a month… how about 6?! You get double the fun with this party option consisting of 2 bottles for each of the 3 showcased winemakers, as well the flyer and the playlist.

After Party – $270/month

So you’re gonna need a case of wine a month – we can relate ! You get 4 bottles from each of the 3 showcased winemakers but we’ll surprise you by swapping out one bottle for an ultra special selection for your case. In addition to the flyer and playlist you also get %20 off any merch (wine keys, totes, etc.) in the shop.